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Fringe's Big Bang
Welcome to fringebigbang, the Big Bang community for Fringe. This is a community designed for writers who want to write new, Fringe-based fanfiction over a long period of time and for artists who want their artwork paired with a piece of fiction.

Timeline for 2010:

April 1 Sign Ups Open for Writers and Artists

May 1 Beta Sign Ups Open
Writer Sign Ups Close

August 15 Artist Sign Ups Close
Rough Drafts Due - PM to fringebigbang@gmail.com

September 30 Final Art Work (pictures, banners, icons, fanmixes, etc) must be completed

October 1-10 Posting the finished fic with the accompanying artwork will be between these dates

Questions or Concerns can be addressed to lule_bell through a PM. This is better than the address listed above because I am almost always on or near LJ and the above address is for the fiction submissions only.

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